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Pure jackpot perfection

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generationone has been refined to offer you and your players the most exciting jackpot experience to date. Using the latest technology, it is now faster, more robust and more fun than ever before

  • Over 400 select-able parameters.

  • Custom theme creation at your request.

  • Connect limitless HDMI displays.

  • Advanced Mobile app control powered by EROS

  • Multiple themes with ongoing releases



generationone Fixed Plus builds on the success of the Fixed $1000 levels by combining the excitement of the Fixed $1000 levels with the original $800 - $1000 levels that players know and love. 

$1000 Fixed Prize & $800-$1000

$1000 Fixed Prize & Dual Level $800-$1000

Dual $1000 Fixed Prize & $800-$1000

$1000 Fixed Prize & Triple Level $800-$1000

Dual $1000 Fixed Prize & Dual Level $800-$1000

All levels available in

1.5%, 2%, 2.1%, 2.2%, 2.3%, 2.4%, 2.5%, 2.6%, 2.7%, 2.8%, 2.9% & 3%



Designed for you

The next generation in jackpot control

EROS Has been designed to give you control over your jackpot graphics controller, theme changing, animation border control, messages and more......

Prepare to fall in love with your favorite jackpot all over again.



True-time jackpot statistics in real time

Designed for the player

Hall of Fame delivers true-time jackpot statistics to your players, connecting them in real time to real fun.

Time and date of jackpot hits.

Hot fire zone on No.1 ranked machine.

Total hits and amounts.

Real game names for easy identification.


Latest parameters




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generationone FIXED allows your players to win $1000 every time the jackpot strikes. This unique math model allows you to give your player the excitement of knowing when the jackpot strikes they win $1000 every time



generationone CORE is the original core parameters players know and trust. With over 300 different parameter set options you will have the tools to optimize your player experience

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