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About us

Konami Holdings Limited (the parent company) was incorporated in Osaka in 1973.  Since then Konami has grown to be renowned, market leaders in the development of entertainment products eg leaders in the development and supply of “play station games“.  Konami Australia PTY Ltd was established in 1996 to manufacture and supply gaming products to the Asia / Pacific region, based in Sydney.  Konami Gaming Inc was established in 1997 to serve the expanding North American Slots market, based in Las Vegas.

Konami draws on both its R & D in Vegas and Sydney to collaborate on game development along with R & D in Japan for the expertise on game content and graphics which is an exciting combination for the future.

The NZ Distributorship for Konami Gaming was successfully negotiated by Craig Whale in 1997, with the then CEO of Konami Australia PTY Ltd.  Advance Gaming (NZ) Limited was subsequently incorporated in 1997 to own and operate the Konami Distributorship for the New Zealand market.  Although the main focus and priority of Advance Gaming is to market, promote and sell Konami product, the volatile state of the Class 4 market has encouraged us to evolve. As a consequence of that Advance Gaming has developed a digital compliance display which replaces the paper licence displayed in the gaming room.  The content of this device is 50% harm min focused. In addition and as a result of the DIA mandating downloadable jackpots, Advance Gaming developed an internet based jackpot solution which has proven very popular.  Being internet based, the “generationone jackpot” offers sustainability with access to changing technology. Currently we are working on other Gaming related initiatives we hope to offer to the market, including a “pre-commitment” harm minimization solution called “Harmony”.

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